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Current Training Program Calendar: (If it's not visible below: Click here to open the current training program)

Current Training Program

If it's not visible above: Click here to open the current training program

The lifeguard unit trains or a regular basis at the Herts Young Mariners Base, Cheshunt EN8 9AJ.
Training sessions run from 7 – 9pm on Monday evenings, and are based around the BCU Lifeguard Awards.

The unit trains its members in general lifeguarding techniques, first aid and incident management.The unit members
are trained to deal with any eventuality that they may have to deal with whilst out on a safety cover.

Training Kayaks
Blenheim Palace Safety Team
HCL Olympic Gamesmakers


Also this year we are running training for SESA (Swim Event Safety Award) during our regular Monday evening sessions at HYMB.

Successful completion of the SESA Training Course gives you the recommended entry qualification to be part of the Swim Safety Teams that provide cover at the growing number of open water swim events and triathlons up and down the country.

It depends what the event sponsors are offering, but £75 to £100 per day is the current typical rate for a SESA trained member of a Swim Safety Team which you could be a member of.

To complete a SESA Training Course you would attend Herts Young Mariners Base on four consecutive Monday evenings, and receive your certificate after the final session.

The next SESA course starts 2nd June 2014 as can be seen in the current training program (link below).
The cost for the entire SESA Course is £40. We are expecting a large takeup so please contact us to book early..!!

Tel: 07525 415542 (Malcolm, Chairman)
Tel: 07818 062111 (Linda, Publicity)

If it's not visible above: Click here to open the current training program

Equipment List

Below you will find a list of suggested equipment:
At this point it is worth noting that all the equipment shown below in blue can be borrowed from the
HCL store, but we often find that regular HCL members end up buying their own equipment.

  Personal Clothing:   Other equipment:  
  Dry suit Palm Drysuit Paddle Palm Paddle
  Thermal layers Palm Thermal Layer Spray deck Palm Spraydeck
  Bouyancy aid Palm Buoyancy Aid Head torch Head Torch
  Neoprene shoes and / or boots Palm Boots Carabiner Palm Carabiner
  Wetsuit Palm Wetsuit Knife Rope Knife
  Helmet Palm Helmet Straps Web Strap
  Dry top / Cagoule Palm Jacket Bivvy bag Survival Bag
  Woolly hat Woolly Hat Throwline Palm Throwline
  Ear plugs Ear Plugs Towline Palm Towline
  Nose clip Nose Clip Whistle Palm Fox 40
  Wiggy Wiggy First aid kit Palm First Aid Kit
  Gloves Palm Gloves Flask Flask